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Construction Outreach

The HUB Office monitors capital bond programs and identifies major construction projects that would be ideal for providing opportunities for increased HUB participation. This includes working with the State Construction Office, Capital Project Coordinators, Construction Managers, Prime and General Contractors to ensure that HUB goals and initiatives are kept in the forefront of construction activity throughout the state.

The HUB Construction Coordinator works with HUB Coordinators and Project Managers for the State universities and general contractors to ensure that projects do not restrict HUB participation. The HUB Coordinator also strives to ensure that information on the HUB Program, HUB participation goals and Good Faith Effort criteria are covered in the pre-bid meetings, bid openings, and pre- and post-construction meetings.

Another construction related initiative in the HUB Office is the Minority Capitol Projects Advisory Board (MB Advisory Board). This Board was established by N.C.G.S. 143-128.3(d), which states that the Secretary for the Department of Administration shall appoint an advisory board to develop recommendations to improve the recruitment and utilization of minority businesses.

Grover Burthey, HUB Construction Coordinator, serves as the liaison for the MB Advisory Board and the HUB Office when the Board is in session.

For additional information about Construction Outreach, please contact Grover Burthey at 919-807-2431 or

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